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Plague of bunnies is damaging cars at the Denver International Airport

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you park your car at the Denver International Airport, you run the risk of having it damaged, but not by human vandals. The airport parking lot is suffering from a recurring invasion of rabbits, and these bunnies have a particular taste for ignition cables.

This isn't the first time drivers have reported problems with DIA's rabbit infestation. As far back as 2010, travelers have complained about rabbits chewing on the wires under their car hoods, but at the time, airport official denied the damage came from rabbits. Now, however, USAirport Parking is taking steps to deal with the fluffy vandals. The USDA has been removing 100 rabbits a month, but that's not enough to keep bunny teeth off of visitors' cars. USAirport now plans to build new burrow-resistant fences to keep rabbits out as well as build raptor perches to attract birds of prey.


Local mechanics have their own solution for preventing rabbit damage; they've taken to coating vulnerable wires with coyote urine. DIA for its part insists that the rabbits are only a minor nuisance, with just nine official claims of damage to cars from rabbits since 2009.

Photo by Robobobobo.

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