I have a brand new desk and it is massive. So very large, it could happily house the entire Gizmodo team. Unfortunately, such a desk lends itself to a mangled mess of tangled wires. Enter Woofy, a hardened plastic canine that organises your wired shenanigans into a neat, dog turd-like pile.

The cable-arranging pooch will be available in black and white, which will effortlessly match that MacBook in your life. If you do not own a MacBook, you can still purchase one; Woofy holds no prejudice, he is a whore for cords and will have you coordinated regardless of what camp you belong to.


The black version is being produced as a limited edition, with a production run of only 500. Purchasing the black edition also gets you an invite to the exclusive Woofy launch party at a Danish club. Travelling all that way to go to a party that will be packed out with dogs sounds like a bad idea to us, but hey there is a free bar. No word on pricing for the standard Woofy, but the limited edition will set you back $224; for that money though, you could probably buy two dogs, breed them and then train them all to hold cables, whilst you sit back and poke them with a stick for laughs. PETA, please do not email us to complain, the penultimate line was a joke. [Product Page Via Cool Hunting].