Plastic Logic Que Pre-Orders Cancelled, Probably Never Being Released

Illustration for article titled Plastic Logic Que Pre-Orders Cancelled, Probably Never Being Released

The story of the Plastic Logic Que, a huge-screened ereader, reads like a tragedy. The latest in its saga? All pre-orders of the Que have been cancelled and there's no timeline for release. Yeah, it's looking like vaporware.


We should have known the Que was star-crossed from the beginning. At $650, no matter how awesome an e-reader it was, it was a tough sell. And when it started getting hit with delays and word came that Plastic Logic was looking to sell itself off, the Que didn't have a fighting chance. The company line:

"Plastic Logic wants to make sure that the product they deliver is the right one for their target business customers in the rapidly changing marketplace. They are continuing to refine the product, technology and features, and are anxious to get in the marketplace as soon as possible."

Which those well versed in the gadget world can translate as "Hey, we know our device looks really cool. But we're just teasing around. It's a long way from ever getting to you. =P" [Wired]



I don't think it was overpriced. Maybe too expensive for most folks, but I just dropped 629 on an iPad for nearly the sole purpose of reading color pdf documents on a reasonable sized screen. I'm a UMPC/Tablet gadget junkie but I got so tired of waiting for vaporware that I stooped to the level of buying an Apple product. It was with sincere mixed emotions when I reached the conclusion that all these nice ideas like the Que wouldn't reach market any time soon. I even feel I waited too long under false hopes of useful reader for journal articles to get rid of the need for printing stacks every month.