Plasticsmith Lapvantage Loft For Laptops Of Love

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Admit it. My alliteration skills are mad dope yo. Anyways, the Lapvantage Loft is designed to keep your laptop at eye level so your neck doesn't break off or something like that. It is pretty sexy though and comes in Thinkpad black and Powerbook metallic colors. The Lapvantage has some neat standard features aside from looking sexy. The stand swivels 360-degrees in case you need to show someone your screen without the hazard of getting off the sofa for more than 10 seconds. It also has room underneath the stand for your external keyboard and mouse. The best part about the Lapvantage? The stand's platform is all acrylic which means any nutty blue/red/whatever LEDs you have will make it fill with light and look all cool like it's from the set of TRON. A winner in my book that will set you back $79.95 for either model.

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