Play Arts Kai is back with another crazy entrant to their Marvel Variants line, and—wait. This figure isn’t that crazy. It’s quite restrained, in fact. And kind of totally badass. And it’s Black Widow! Who made this figure, and what have they done with the real Square-Enix?

I kid, mainly, but seriously—I was not expecting to see Black Widow in this line of 7”-scaled figures so soon, especially with more “marketable” (ugh) Avengers characters like Captain America or The Hulk not yet revealed. But here is Black Widow, packing battle armor (it’s interesting to compare this figure with the Tetsuya Nomura Catwoman, and find that the only real similarity is the comically large chest) and ready to kick butt.


Aside from effects pieces to recreate blasts from her Widow’s Bite gauntlet, Natasha also comes packing two stubby pistols—and, although not really an accessory, some fabulously swoosh hair to boot. Presumably there’ll be a few more accessories revealed when we get a better look at the figure in action, but if not, this is already a pretty good take on Black Widow with what we’ve got so far.

There’s no price or release date yet for Black Widow, but expect a similar $100-ish (my word, that Marvel license Tax is rather potent) price tag, just like the past Marvel Variants.

[Via Toyark]

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