Play In a College Football Bowl Game, Get Piles of Free Gear

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There's more to playing football in college than a potential NFL contract and a sound education—there's stacks of free gear and gadgets to be had too!

Just as an example, the players that butt heads in the Rose Bowl will receive a package that includes:

# Sony DVD camcorder
# Commemorative Fossil watch
# Commemorative Ogio backpack
# Commemorative New Era 5950 fitted hat
# Commemorative plaque
# Commemorative autograph football
# One-year subscription to ESPN the Magazine


And the title game between Florida and Oklahoma? Try a $300 Sony Gifting Suite (player's choice up to $300 in Sony electronics), a Tourneau Watch, and a Blockbuster video movie rental subscription. Even the lowly Poinsettia Bowl, which I hadn't heard of until today, nets players an iPod touch and some Best Buy gift cards.

Oh, how I hate my decision to go into journalism. All I have to show for it is a drinking problem and the ability to toss anonymous snark around the Net with the grace of a disgruntled gazelle. Sigh. [FOX Sports]

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Hello Mister Walrus

Hmmm... I wish society were such that besides football players, people were compensated for their rankings in the Putnam competition, or for having academic papers published in reputable journals.