Play the iPhone 4 Conference Scratch Lotto and Get a Free Pizza

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Facing the worst image crisis in Steve's Second Kingdom's history, Apple will officially talk about the iPhone 4 antenna problem this Friday. Nobody really knows what they will say but, if you guess right, you can win a free pizza.


To win a free pizza of your choice, you only have to scratch three options. Only THREE. The first person who sends the correct choices before the start of the conference, wins the pizza. The Apple iPhone 4 conference starts this Friday at 10:00AM Pacific, 1:00PM Eastern. You can follow it live here.

These are my guesses:

• Confirmation (of the antenna problem).
• Free coating (or similar fix)
• Verizon iPhone.


Send your three answers in a mail to

If you don't send your answers in a mail to, you won't enter the contest.