PlayStation 3 Surpasses Xbox 360 In Europe

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With 5 million PS3s sold on the continent, Sony has announced that they've overtaken the 360 in Europe. And not only that, but Sony has been outselling Microsoft in the market since October.


While Sony's PlayStation 3 has gotten off to a shaky, late start, Sony has always claimed that the console was doing well through Europe (which includes many markets that don't have public sales figures available). And that makes sense, since the PlayStation brand is incredibly strong there—48 million PS2s have been sold there, along with 12 million PSPs.

With this European data in hand, it's looking more and more like the Xbox 360 is an American trend (since their sales in Japan are virtually nonexistent). But Sony still has a good deal more ground to cover before they can claim second place in the console wars, even from the worldwide perspective. [BBC via Kotaku]


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I may be very wrong, but as I understood it, the PS3 is selling better than the Xbox 360 in nearly every place but America, including world-wide. The Xbox is an American game machine, and that is about it.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, since we (obviously) do live in America. But, even here the PS3 (as I understand it) is rapidly catching up with Xbox sales.

Clearly, Microsoft is not going anywhere, so who is selling the most systems is a pointless discussion. But, as far as I can tell, the Xbox 360 is already in third place and, the Wii is still kicking everyone's hind quarters.