PlayStation EyeToy's Improvements in Detail

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If you're at all interested in the PlayStation Eye, the EyeToy for the PS3 generation, take a gander at this interview with its father, Richard Marks. Along with releasing four—yes, four—albums since 2000, Richard's added many new features to PlayStation's camera.


Among the issues seen as most important were light sensitivity, achieved by using a sensor with more area per pixel, instead of more megapixel count. The 60 fps minimum requirement, for better tracking resolution, and the four-array microphone. Definitely a cool read if you're planning on using the Eye to record your own Singstar videos and show them off online.

Geek Out: The Playstation Eye is Nearly Upon Us. Dr. Richard Marks Takes Us Behind the Scenes of its Birth. [Newsweek]

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2mp is unimportant.

consumers have been brinwashed into thinking that the MP count is all that matters.. the size of the sensor areas is what matters in terms of picture quality and low light recognition.. and the more MP you cram into the sensor, the smaller those areas become..

can't see it working as effectivey as a wiimote though.. UNLESS.. they have strap on motion-capture sensors/balls. Now THAT would give better tracking abilities...