Please Don't Ever Wear These Sandals

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Now that summer is here, some of you will get fussy about shoes, instead opting for sandals. And unless you hate yourself (or think Crocs are great), don't opt for these ones, which pack a storage compartment in each sole.

Aside from looking like something that cooky relative in your family would wear, there are just better ways to lug your pocketables around. [Red Ferret via BoingBoing]

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What about the Reef Stash that lifehacker covered a couple of years ago (sure they show credit cards and money, but the advertisement seems like you should keep your smokeables in there)

Reef Dram (Flask some gadget blog did a write up 4 years ago on them)

Reef Fanning (insanely popular sandals with bottle opener same gadget blog did a write up)?