Please Don't Tweet that You're Carrying the Olympic Torch While You're Carrying the Olympic Torch

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Not to be outdone by Usher's SNL misstep last week, Will.I.Am took advantage of his free hand while carrying the Olympic torch to live tweet the moment.

Granted, Will.I.Am is quite the technophile. He recently revealed to USA Today that he believes, "'my instrument is the computer. When I make the beat, I write on the computer." As such, he routinely records lyrics and melodies into his BlackBerry (he's also a paid spokesperson for the company) and edits them on his iMac. But that's still no excuse.


Also, he tweeted about the torch on his Torch, which ugh.

Olympic torch in his left hand,
Blackberry Torch in the right,
But Will.I.Am's sense of decorum? Nowhere in sight.