That trope is particularly galling when it's used to ask and answer in the affirmative. Would Steve Jobs have released the new iPad? Yes! How do you know that? Did you ask him with your Ouija Board? Talk to the Ghost Whisperer? Take a bunch of acid? And what am I to think when I see someone arguing the counter point?

It's pointless drivel that does nothing to advance an argument. It's the same bullshit you see about America's Founding Fathers. "The Founding Fathers never would have supported a moon base!" How can you contradict that? How can you argue with anyone who pretends to know the wishes of the dead?

And ultimately, so what? If Steve Jobs were Apple, the company would have gone out of business before his body was in the ground. They are not one and the same. Sure, it may be a reflection of him, and he unquestionably was its visionary who was ultimately responsible for so many of its great products, and its remarkable success. But Apple is not Steve Jobs, nor vice-versa.


Steve Jobs is dead. He doesn't need to do another day's work as your puppet pundit. Let the man rest.