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The pink RAZR is going to be on sale earlier than expected, this December instead of early 2006. But you'll just have to get in line behind Paris Hilton, Maria Sharapova and all the other celebrities that have been seen toting this phone to parties if you want to snatch one of these pinks.

"My only problem is that I can't make these fast enough," [Motorla CEO Ed] Zander said...


At the very least, someone at Motorola needs to end the suspense about the color-name of this phone. Is it pink-hued? Cotton Candy? Bubblegum (oh, excuse me, BBLGM)? Pink Panther (PNK PNTHR)? RAZR BRN RED? Please put us out of your misery.

Motorola Q, pink Razr for the holidays [C|Net]