PodFitKit: Goo, ga?

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Oh, baby, put that goo in my ear! Yeah-ha! Oh, what's that you say? This goo is a way to make that iPod earbud fit snugly inside my ear while also reducing noise pollution? It's the new PodFitKit? Good to know.

For $9.95 you get a DIY silicon kit which you pack into your ear and let it harden and shape to the exact mold of your ear canal. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? It should, as it allows comfort while wearing earbuds and since this goo is packed into your ears, you eliminate a lot of unwanted background noise. Too bad they don't actually include any good headphones in the kit. And, honestly, this would work with any set of buds, which means that using "Pod" in the name is just another way to ride the iPod gravy train. And, uh, I guess in this case it worked again.


Custom-molded iPod earbuds stay where they belong [Mac Merc]

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