PodGear HouseParty

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One day, Papa iPod and Mama iPod Mini decided to throw Baby iPod Shuffle a little party for doing so well in marketing school. So they got together to meet Mr. PodGear for some HouseParty speakers they can all rock out on (Papa and Mama are very hip parents). The speakers come with separate adaptor cradles for each member of the family, and Baby iPod Shuffle has a HouseParty speaker just his size. Excitedly, they plugged themselves in, and were amazed at the wonderfully crisp stereo sound. They were able to connect through the speakers to the Mothership, called The Computer, for easy syncing and charging (The iPod family acquires their nourishment and musical talent this way). Overjoyed at their newfound ability to rock out and stay hooked up at the same time, they continued to party happily ever after.

PS. PodGear HouseParty speakers will be available in the UK some time next month, and each unit will sell for about 49.99 pounds (which is roughly around US$88.85). No word on availability state-side.

PPS. This entry is the result of too little sleep and too much imagination.

Product Page [PodGear via iLounge]

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