Polish Architects Build Stereotype-Reinforcing Upside-Down House

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With a last name like Liszewski, I've heard every single Polish joke and stereotype there is. But I'm going to assume that Polish architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski have just spawned at least one more with this unique tourist attraction they built in Austria.

Have you heard the one about the Polish architects who built the upside-down house?

For the record, the architects actually spent the last eight months building the house upside-down on purpose, as a way to attract tourists to a western Austrian village called Terfens. The house—which is open to the public to explore—actually comes fully furnished with everything from furniture to a toilet we're assuming isn't full, and certainly isn't usable. At least without a hell of a lot of determination. [YouTube via Yahoo via BoingBoing]