Poll Follow-up: This is Why We Didn't Go to Prom

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

So yesterday we asked you guys how you handle your passion for gadgets with the ladies and why it is that (most) girls aren't as in to tech as guys are. We used the latest in scientific poll-related technology, and between that and the comments we got some rather interesting results.


First of all, let me pat myself on the back here. I said that 90% of our readers are dudes, and guess what percentage of poll respondents are girls? 10.2%. Methinks I deserve a raise. Less easy to predict was the percentage of our readers that claim to be robots: a somewhat unsettling 14.5%. I'll keep that in mind next time I feel like ragging on some wacky Japanese helper-bot. I've got nuthin' but love for you, future robot overlords.

In comments we had quite a few people saying that their significant other was actually interested in gadgets, suggesting that it's not gadgets that turn girls off but Gizmodo. That, frankly, hurt our feelings. What can we do to bring the girls in? We know that "gadgets for girls," i.e. pink gadgets and gadgets that have to do with menstruation, aren't the ticket. We thought that by not condescending and having a "girl talk" section or something we were being equal opportunity. What gives? God, we can never do anything right. You just keep this stuff to yourself and bottle up this negative energy, how are we supposed to know how to react?! We're not mind readers, Denise… er, potential female readers!

Also in comments our overlord Brian Lam said he would like to get some girls on staff to break up the boys club we've got going on here. In order to apply, ladies, he asks that you send your resume and a full body photograph (not just the face, please) to his email address as listed in the left-hand column. He'll get back to you if he likes your… experience.

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Mark Wilson

For the record: I write both write for Gizmodo and went to the prom...with a girl!!