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It's pretty well known that gadgets and technology are topics followed almost exclusively by dudes. The Giz has a 90% male readership, for example. Why is that? What's with the sausage party? Lord knows we didn't ask for this.

In any case, that's the way it is and it's something we've gotta live with. But with all of us guys being so interested in stuff that girls couldn't care less about raises a question that most of us have encountered in the past: how do you handle your tech fetish with a significant other (or potential significant other, for that matter)? Do you try to convert your wary new ladyfriend to geekdom, or do you hide your shameful passion like a mutant sibling in the attic?


As part of our continuing efforts to pretend that we're even remotely scientific, we ask for your participation in a vital survey. Feel free to try to explain why our hobby is so repulsive to the opposite sex in the comments section as well, if you feel up to it.

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