With CableCARD HD Media Centers finally shipping, consumers have a tough choice on their hands. Do they go with the cheaper, yet still pricey, TiVo Series 3 (our review here)? Or do they splurge and get the feature-filled CableCARD Vista Media Center (our video preview above)? It's tough to choose.


For people like Dave Zatz, the choice is clear—TiVo all the way. It's cheaper, has an easier-to-use interface, doesn't require a PC in the living room and people just like it more than a Windows machine.

But for others who want DivX playback, gaming, more than two TV tuners, larger storage and all the benefits of a PC, they'll definitely go with a Vista system.


But what do you think? The ease of use and lower price of the TiVo or the better customizability but higher cost of the Vista HTPCs?

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