Popcorn Hour A-100 Networked Media Streamer Reviewed (Verdict: Admirable, But Buggy)

Illustration for article titled Popcorn Hour A-100 Networked Media Streamer Reviewed (Verdict: Admirable, But Buggy)

NMT's Popcorn Hour network streamer looks great on paper (YouTube/Google Streaming, DVD Image playback, XviD, MPEG4, and even BitTorrent client support), but how does it actually perform? Quite well, says Networking Audio Video dot com, but with a few very annoying bugs.


The streamer has NFS and Samba support (with only Samba working correctly over Gigabit Ethernet, which is a bummer), and can stream 4GB ISOs "without much delay." Fast forwarding through this didn't cause a problem either, thanks partially to that Gigabit connection no doubt. Music, however, suffers, since there's no ID3 tag reading and no cover art—it's the bare minimum you can get in a networked music player.

What's great about this player is that it's got online content support, meaning you can watch YouTube and Google video. In theory. None of these videos actually played when NAV tested the streamer. That's not so great.

But if you do have a BitTorrent fetish, you can use the Popcorn Hour to download torrents directly onto the machine. Unfortunately, this only lists XviD and not DivX as a supported format, so only a percentage of files you download off BitTorrent will play correctly.

Based on this, it seems that Popcorn Hour A-100 might be good for certain things, but lousy in others. If they can fix the bugs, this could be worth buying. [Networking Audio Video]


Was this review done by a person who just wanted to put a product down because it is from a small company or because they did not send the reviewer a box for free and he had to wait for 2 months for his box?

I have noticed that a lot of reviewers may it be "something . com" or PC world or PC Magazine, ok mostly PC Magazine, will do a very bad review of any product whose company they do not like or the name of the product they do not like. Which is really counter productive to people like us who are waiting to get our hands on a new products because the specs looks great and it is in an affordable price range.

By the way to make your text in Italics or Bold, you need to use "lesser-than" "i" "greater-than" and end it with "lesser-than" "/" "i" "greater-than" Hope this helps.