Popcorn Time in Your Browser Is the Ultimate 'Netflix For Pirates' [Update: Nope, It's Down]

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Torrenting movies isn’t exactly difficult to begin with. But when you take the already-popular ‘Netflix for pirates’ app Popcorn Time, and run it inside a browser with no install required, things get real simple.


Update: According to Motherboard, who reached the 15-year-old creator behind the site, says Browser Popcorn is permanently down due to legal pressure. So much for illegal Netflix.

The desktop Popcorn Time app basically takes the user-friendly interface of Netflix, and powers it on the backend with the torrents that supply the internet with illegal movies. It makes it so that someone with no idea what a seed is can download the app, search a movie, and start watching HD quality in about a minute.

Browser Popcorn takes the exact same user interface and quality, and plugs it into a website, rather than a standalone app. You can go try it for yourself—every big-name movie that’s made it out of theaters is there, one search and a three-second wait away.

It’s apparently the work of a 15-year-old Serbian programmer called Milan Kragujevic. He’s not the first to make a browser-based version of Popcorn Time, but previous editions have been forced to close down under pressure from the movie industry. Let’s see how long this particular game of cat-and-mouse plays out.

[Browser Popcorn via The Verge]

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I’d be into this if I could stream it thru a Roku box to a real TV. Sitting at a computer to watch a movie just kills it for me.