Popcorntime.io Has Been Shut Down

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Bad news for illegal streamers: one of the most popular versions of Popcorn Time has been shut down, likely for good.

Over the weekend, the Popcorntime.io website — the internet shop front for the most popular of a series of Torrent-streaming apps — has been shut down, reports Torrent Freak, after a torturous week for its development team. Last Monday some of its staff walked out over fears that a forthcoming paid-for VPN service could bring about a lawsuit. Later in the week, the Popcorntime.io domain—which was controlled by one of the members that walked out— began to falter.

For a while everything seemed to right itself, but the team admitted that someone or something had “been tempering with our infrastructure, mainly our DNS service, and we can’t convince our provider Gandi.net that we are us and want to stay online.” Now, PopcornTime.io developer Wally has told Torrent Freak that they’d “shutdown all the servers, there is nothing I can do anymore.”


There are, of course, other Popcorn Time options still available, including Time4Popcorn which you can find at popcorn-time.se. But Popcorntime.io was the most popular, and the one backed by the service’s original developers.

Coming in the wake of the swift shut-down of Browser Popcorn, it looks like the days of the Torrent streaming service could be numbered.

[Torrent Freak via Verge]

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In my experience only people who aren’t hip to torrents use sites like these. They are as bad as porn sites with the interaction pop-ups and mal-ware. Every time a friend who uses those sites gives me a computer to work on they always have a desktop that has shortcuts to every AOL thing ever and a browser that is 90% tool bars. For whatever reason they are also the most resistant to torrents. If they can’t just open a browser and watch it seems like they aren’t interested. I for one have only ever watched other people interact with popcorn time and have removed the garbage that comes with it from their PC’s and certainly won’t miss it.