Porsche Design Shoe

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Comb-over alert! This shoe, designed by Porsche, is sure to be very expensive and very silly. Take this quote for example:

When driving a car, the right foot works in a different way than the left one. The quality that more than anything else makes this shoe unique, is the exclusive projection of the soles, designed with different profiles in order to optimize the use of pedals during driving. The right sole has a series of splines (stabilizing element) to improve the hold on the pedals and to enable a faster passing of the foot from the gas pedal to the brake, ensuring an optimum support to the heel.

Hmmm... I've always had that problem. My feet just get all tangled up. Why is it that because you design an iconic car that you also think you can design footwear, watches, hats, and adult diapers?

Porsche Design Shoe [YankoDesign]

UPDATE - Andrew writes -

Even though this may seem a bit odd- usually "transportation designers" are trained in Industrial Design and have skills that allow themselves to adapt to the product category they are designing for. Actually, the deal with footwear and transportation is that they are both high style design. Many people who study transportation as a focus wind up at Nike designing shoes. They have a great deal of style elements in common with each other, which makes this extremely common...


Ok, fine.