Portable Cross Fadin' Cassette Will Make All Your Spontaneous DJ Dreams Come True

Illustration for article titled Portable Cross Fadin' Cassette Will Make All Your Spontaneous DJ Dreams Come True

Once, while walking down the street, a man suddenly approached me screaming "QUICK! We need someone to DJ!" If only I had had this portable cross fader—who knows how differently my life would've turned out.


The Urban DJ portable cross fader has been ultimate retro hipster designed into a cassette shape. It has three inputs up top, two for connecting to anything from an iPhone to a cellphone (with the appropriate jack) and one for connecting into... well, I'm not sure what that middle one is for. The bottom has a separate input for connecting into a speaker set or headphones.

Move the slider to mix and crossfade between your two chosen music players. Alas, because all I had on me at the time was one measly iPod, the man sneered and approached the person standing next to me and that guy went on to become one of the most famous DJs in the world. True story.

Available for roughly $48. From Japan. [Gizmodo JP]


Purple Dave

What's the point? As soon as I read the blurb on this article, I realized that all you really need is an iPod and a killer sound system. As long as you have everything ripped to the iPod, just keep a buffer of 2-3 songs queued up in the On-The-Go playlist, and it'll never stop playing. When someone comes up and makes a request, just add it to the end of the list, and it'll get played when the list advances to that point. Tada, no more need for crossfading, no more need for two devices, and certainly no more need to prep each track for playback.