Post CEDIA 2006 Roundup

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That be it, folks. CEDIA wrapped up on Sunday. I've had time to get back to my humble Kansas town and get caught up on life NOT related to HD.

This was my first CEDIA, which initially began as a show specifically for custom installers of home equipment, but it has since evolved to kind of a half-and-half show. It still has a lot of booths and such targeted at the CI, but then again it has taken on a lot of the consumer electronics feel.


This was my first CEDIA, and to be honest it was a bit of a yawn—then again, I'm not much of a home theatre junkie. Every company had their HD LCDs and HD projector. And even though they all seemed identical, every company had reasoning why theirs was the best. Monster's Einstein was pretty awesome, and the limited booth babes were always good. But overall, my favorite item of the show was the Logitech Harmony 1000 remote.


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