Post Fixes: Red Camera, HD-DVD Sale Stats

Hi there. You know what I did instead of writing today? I fact checked. Here are some stories we wrote that were updated to better reflect the truth. Take note:

Red Camera: We said it wasn't certain to ship with 4k resolution support, but we actually melded two back to back statements from Ted S. into one. The camera does have 4k support, and will right out of the gate. Forgive us, Ted, the apology is post jump.

HD-DVD Sales: Another site we'd linked to reported that EU HD-DVD sales have trumped Blu-ray. Except he quoted the US figures. I've corrected the post, but also have investigated the source of the US spike, which turned out to be a band of loyal HD-DVD fanboys that did a massive synchronized buy on Amazon.


Apple's Keynote isn't 3 hours, its 1.5. That's good, but what are they going to talk about for 1.5 hours if its not Leopard and its not the iPhone launch?

Yesterday we reported in our coverage of the Red One camera that there was some question as to whether or not 4K would be available in the first shipping models of the camera. During our conversation we specifically asked Ted "Leader of the Rebellion" Schilowitz if 4K was working, to which he replied yes. When we then asked Ted to clarify the rumors of certain features being disabled or what may or may not ship on the target date, Ted said he did not know, or couldn't comment. From that conversation in the loud crowded NAB hall, it lead your humble narrator to believe there was a possibility 4K would not be available on the target date.

We should make it clear, we did see 4K footage shot with Alpha versions of this camera, projected using a 4K projector and it looked fabulous, simply stunning. If you missed seeing it at the show, you are truly missing out.

Ted did contact us today to make us aware of our error and to and to let us know once and for all that yes 4K will be available in the very first cameras. If we have caused confusion among readers, we apologize. To Mr. Schilowitz, we really dig your camera, and think it is the bee's knees, and we can't wait until the target date so we can see the fantastic images produced by those who have preordered the Red One camera.

Stephen Schleicher


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who are you and what have you done with the gizmodo writers? fact checking??!?! there is no room here for fact checking.

although you still made me proud with the and to and to typo in the apology, way to keep it real guys