Power Wheels Is Making Tiny Porsches Again

There's some great news from Mattel for parents who like to live vicariously through their kids and long ago had to trade their sports car dreams for a practical, spacious minivan. It's been almost a quarter century since Power Wheels offered a Porsche option, but come October kids aged three and older will be able to get behind the wheel of this 911 GT3.


At $360 it's certainly one of the more expensive presents you can stick under the tree next Christmas, but Mattel has made sure your child will at least get a few years of playtime out of it because it adjusts to accommodate a growing kid. The seats slide back so longer legs can fit under the faux dashboard, and faster top speeds can be unlocked as kids get more experienced driving it.

And since the Porsche 911 GT3 is supposed to be a higher performance version of the car designed for racing, this miniature version even comes with shifting paddles behind the steering wheel that don't do anything except make parents jealous because all their car has is ample cupholders. [Power Wheels]

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