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OK it's that time again Gizmodo's iPod accessory of the Day. Hah yea right, Gizmodo only doing one iPod accessory per day.

The PowerFM is what I would typically call a pretty useless product. It's a silicone case, an FM Transmitter and a back up battery for the iPod Nano & fifth-generation iPods. However, the three features have been combined well enough to make this into potentially a Tri-Force-like gadget. That's right, finally someone had enough foresight to think that we don't want to carry around 50 extra gadgets just to make our iPods do what we want.


Here's hoping that the battery actually lasts, the FM transmitter creates a decent signal, and the case keeps the scratches off. Otherwise we've got yet another wasted attempt at a potentially useful iPod accessory. The PowerFM will go on sale in December for $80.

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