Presenting the Winner of our Sexy Robot Costume Contest

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The voters have spoken and so we present to you the winner of the whole shebang! Javene and Tom Truong's submission of Princess Leia-X (Termileia?) captured the hearts and imaginations of our voters for a whopping 369 votes!

Javene and Tom will share a delicious barbecue chicken pizza this Wednesday night.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their sexy robot costumes this Halloween. You all make very attractive machines. Congratulations to our runners-up as well. Here they are, for your enjoyment:

2nd Place (319 votes): Steve Richardson as Bender!


3rd Place (149 votes): Tayce Wilson as a futuristic sex assassin!

Treat yourselves to a pizza, guys! You deserve it!

Also worth of note, the editor's picks! Maybe they didn't get very many votes, but we sure liked their costumes. No prize but our adoration, but we hope that's enough. Gizmodo loves you!

Cornelius Vanderbot for the ladies, courtesy of Lucas Feld:


And for the boys, from Name Withheld:


And Eric Jeffcoat offered something for the fetishists among us:


Thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest! Happy Halloween!