Illustration for article titled Pretend Your iPhone Is Just a Really Impressively Modded NES Controller

Instead of buying this $5 decal and pretending that your super-sophisticated 21st century smartphone is an old Nintendo controller, why not pretend that you just happen to have a magical NES controller that can run apps and make phone calls?


Kinda make phone calls, anyway—and hey, it's only an NES controller, after all! The decal, which can be had for $5 on Etsy, is made for the iPhone 4 and has a little hole for its camera.

All of our stickers are printed using solvent ink on quality vinyl and then passed through one of our giant plotters and die cut. This isn't cheap sticker paper from an office supply store, this is certifiable vinyl powered awesomeness. Rated 5-7 years of outdoor life.


I just hope that these so called angry birds don't cause my seven-year-old self to neglect that adorable Italian plumber. [Etsy via Geeky Gadgets]

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