Procare e|Share ES-8068: Dedicated BitTorrent Client Fetches Booty On It's Own [verdict: arrrrrr!]

Illustration for article titled Procare e|Share ES-8068: Dedicated BitTorrent Client Fetches Booty On Its Own [verdict: arrrrrr!]

Personally, I don't care about what Adam says, I just can't tolerate all those evil criminals, those potential terrorists who insist on stealing music and movies from their rightful owners by using BitTorrent in their computers. Shame on them!


I mean, why waste computer processing time when you just can do it with style and use this Procare e|Share ES-8068, a dedicated BitTorrent client that you can set up using a Web browser? After that, without using your PC at all, it will connect directly to the Internet using Ethernet, storing files in a USB 2.0 hard drive, and Bob's your uncle. Or Blackbeard. Or Captain Sparrow. Or Geena Davis. Whatever floats your boat, matey. You can buy it for $85 plus shipping, patch and parrot not included.


Product page [Procare via PC Watch]

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I like the idea, but i need a built in lcd screen, a tiny one that shows me download speed, upload speed and time left, plus like most bitorrent clients if your not careful you can slow down your internet if you download too much stuff for days in a row, with a PC you can see if your going to kill your connection, but with this, you may not be able too.