Protect Yourself Against the Swine Flu, With Style

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The WHO has raised the Swine Flu—which you can follow in this map or through Twitter—to alert level 5, which means a pandemic is imminent. Not funny. Some people, however, are having fun.


In Mexico everyone is wearing masks. People are getting bored of wearing the same thing, so they have started to decorate them in all kinds of styles. As you can see, many of them show their always ironic look at death and fascination with los muertos.


My favorites, however, are the colorful masks designed by Japanese artist Yoriko Yoshida. Visit Yoriko's page for more designs. [Yoriko Yashida via Pink Tentacle and Daily Telegraph]

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Creole Trash Panda

You know this swine flu foolishness is out of had. Its like anthrax all over again. Why to we love to be kept in fear? The things that cures and treatments for we panic about as if we are awaiting Armageddon. It seems like people relish the herd mentally, and being told that you are going to die.

Look.... the swine flu (which it is not porcine, see WHO) is just another strain of the flu. Flu stains change YEARLY. Hence the need to be vaccinated EVERY DARN YEAR. We are seeing a new strain from a blend of diffrent types of flu. This is not the plague that will end all. The great thing is that its not as deadly as the media is making it out to be. The kid who died here in Houston came from MEXICO.. so no one in the US is dying or in danger of it. We have 3 antiviral medications that can not only shorten the duration of it (which is typically 3 days) and also help lessen the symptoms. Masks are not freaking needed... just regular CLEANLINESS. Wash your hands and don't be a slob. In health care the NUMBER FREAKING ONE WAY TO TRANSMIT DISEASE IS THROUGH POOR HAND WASHING.... not damn airborne transmission.