PS3 One-Ups 360, Getting DVD Upscaling Eventually

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Seeing as we've already established that the PS3 is the best bargain Blu-ray player out there now and a better DVD player than the Xbox 360, it's pretty fitting that Sony's dream machine is going to have DVD upscaling.


In a recent interview, Phil Harrison said "...we're going to have DVD upscaling on Playstation 3." What'd you think he said? That Batman's going to use a PS3 to save Gotham in next year's movie?


Loot: The Phil Harrison Interview, Part IV [Newsweek via Kotaku]

Image via Gamesblog

Update: Apparently 360 already does upscaling via VGA. Looks like we need to trade in our component cables for some VGA action. Wonder if they've fixed all the Gears VGA problems yet?


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Huh. This is kind of shoddy reporting. It's misleading in that, as has already been said, the 360 has been able to upscale DVDs out of the box via VGA connections.

The DVD forum prevents upscaling over component...only allowing DVDs to be played at 480p.

Over VGA and HDMI, however, you can upscale all you want. Since the PS3 already has HDMI, I'm not sure why upscaling isn't already a feature.

If the inevitable Zypher (or whatever) comes out, then the 360 will have it's PS3 brethren's HDMI-upscaling qualities as well.

Also saying the PS3 is a "better DVD player" because it plays scratched discs better is sort of misleading. At first, when I saw the link in the article, I figured you guys had done some serious comparisons with image quality and all that jazz. Instead you've decided it's responsible to call the PS3 a better DVD player based on a very small issue.