PS3's CELL Chip Can Help Morph Your Face

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So we all know the PS3 will be running on the 3.5Ghz CELL processor, developed jointly by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. This new processor is supposed to bring all kinds of good mojo to the PS3, due to its ability to spread work out over as many as nine cores on a single chip. Most of us still haven't really grasped the tangible aspects of this, until now. Reader Alexqd3 sent us a link to a couple of Japanese videos that show these amazing face-morphing programs, supposedly capitalizing on CELL technology. The first video here shows a Japanese correspondent playing around with facial makeup and hair which seems fairly normal, but the second video shows actual 3D face manipulation based simply on a photograph of the correspondent's face. You'll have to check out the videos to see what I'm talking about.

If this is evidence of the CELL processor's abilities, I'm definitely looking forward to what this will mean for the PS3, as well as the kinds of games that will be developed to take advantage of it.


Cell Life Like Character Models Demonstrated [Rapidshare]
3D Morphing (RealVideo) [Tokyo TV]

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