Psychedelic Photos of Lakes, Exposed Using Lake Water

Matthew Brandt's photography series Lakes and Reservoirs has got me thinking. If he can collect water from every lake he shoots and use it to develop his photos later on, what can I do? Take photos in a bar and develop them using vodka?

Describing the process used, Brandt says:

"Conventional C-prints were made of lakes and reservoirs around the western United States. Their prints were then soaked in its lake water to varying lengths of time from days to weeks, or months. During this soaking period, the water breaks down the layers of colors that make the image. What is left are degraded C-prints, remnants of the color breakdown that compose the image of the lake or reservoir. It is not only a project about the reflection of a photographic subject that meets its image, but also a metaphor for the degraded technology of color negative printing."


I love how distressed and "ruined" each photo in Brandt's collection is, with the colors shifting all over the place. Can you think of any other similar uses? Photos of a chocolate shop, developed in chocolate syrup? [Matthew Brandt via PetaPixel]

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