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Psystar "Definitely Still Shipping" Mac Clones

Illustration for article titled Psystar Definitely Still Shipping Mac Clones

Psystar simply doesn't know when to quit. Despite being in the midst of a lawsuit with Apple, they continue to push their luck. Not only are they offering free Leopard restore disks to their customers, Psystar has also confirmed that the Mac clones are "definitely still shipping." They had better hope that their fancy Palo Alto-based Carr & Ferrell lawyers can back up all of this machismo. [InformationWeek]


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@jkr's bold comment: Pretty much right on the money. This is classic scam business operation 101: make a corporate entity, run some basic get-rich quick business of dubious legality, draw fat salaries and corporate perks, walk away when someone finally sues the company and forces it to shut down. Gizmodo's earlier article about whether Psystar is a scam showed how the owner has something like a couple dozen other business names registered to him. He could care less if they win the suit, he will just move on to the next business. I doubt anyone from the company will be sought after though.