Psystar Is Royally Screwed

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Yet another bad day for Psystar. After both Apple and the shady hackintosh company filed for summary judgements, the rulings are out, and Psystar is looking pretty screwed.

All of Psystar's motions for summary judgment were denied, while all of Apple's were granted. That means that Apple got exactly what they wanted, while Psystar got exactly what they didn't want.


Don't worry, there will be a trial. According to Groklaw, the court still needs to determine (*deep breath*):

Apple's allegations of breach of contract; induced breach of contract, trademark infringement; trademark dilution; trade dress infringement; and state unfair competition under California Business and Professions Code § 17200; and common law unfair competition.

Phew! So yeah, at this point it's looking less like a trial to determine Psystar's legitimacy, more like a trial to decide how much they owe Apple.

Now, I'm no lawyer, but from where I'm standing this case is looking pretty grim for Psystar. I'll leave it to you legal eagles to explain exactly what all this means in the comments, because all I know is that it can't be good. [Groklaw via 9 to 5 Mac, image via walknboston]


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Apple pisses me off. This is America and if I want to buy a copy of os x and install it on a pc, I should have the right to do that. It's my fucking software, I fucking paid for it. Fuck apple. #apple