Psystar Refuses to Die

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I feel like a broken record writing about these guys week after week, but they just won't go away. Even after this week's ruling that Psystar must cease operations, their attorney is saying the company will be back.


Last week one of Psystar's lawyers said that the company is shutting down for good, but now another lawyer is refuting that claim by saying "Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently."


Apple's injunction against Psystar is permanent, so whatever they do after recovering from this legal firestorm won't involve reselling Apple software. If they're smart, that is. One thing's for sure: It's looking more and more like all this legal action was nothing but an expensive attention grab. [PC World]

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In my own opinion, if it's legal for a business to build a PC, buy a Windows license and sell the package as "Custom built" to a customer, it should be legal to do so with MacOS. I almost question the fair use rights of MacOS, which is sold on shelf (as software).

I know one of the reasons Apple don't allow this is because they're trying to push their overpriced hardware. Apple will always remail a "Hardware" company in my eyes while Microsoft will remain a Software company. Even though they produce both. You can barely compare the 2 anymore, except through fanboism. The other reason for this ridiculous EULA policy is because if MacOS ran on various hardware builds and 3rd party hardware drivers, it would soon prove to be the LEAST reliable OS on the planet.

Honestly, I'm still rooting for Pystar to shut down. I don't want MacOS to succeed in the mainstream PC world, I'd rather seem more versitile condenders, like Windows, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc win over the popular market, while MacOS remains a niche, 'stock' OS of a ridiculously priced lineup of prettied-up, mediocre (except the MacPro) hardware.