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Purple Magic is Sub-$100 Linux 3G Cellphone, Not Recreational Drug

Illustration for article titled Purple Magic is Sub-$100 Linux 3G Cellphone, Not Recreational Drug

The fellows at NXP Semiconductors and Purple Labs have teamed up to put together the Purple Magic 3G cellphone. The Linux based handset will retail below $100, and if that does not have you interested, perhaps the video calling ability, incorporated MP3 player and high-speed internet browsing will have your bargain alarms hitting overdrive.


The cellphone will seamlessly switch between 2G and 3G networks depending on availability, and the creators hope to define a new niche in the market, where functionality does not come at too steep a price. The Purple Magic handset will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress later this month, but is said not to have any of the euphoric effects of purple haze—major downer. Nevertheless, we'll be sure to try and smoke it give it a grope when we get to Barcelona. [Slashphone]

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Sweet! Hopefully it will be sold unlocked and untainted by any of the evil network providers we all love to hate. I'm quite content with my unlocked 3G phone on AT&T, but I'd buy one of these as a backup AND to support this initiative