Purported Nook Color Mock Up Appears On Barnes & Noble Website

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The all-but-confirmed Nook Color will probably make its official debut at a Barnes & Noble event this Tuesday. As for its unofficial debut, well, that may have happened this evening.


Turns out a CNET tipster was digging around the Barnes & Noble website and found a "Nook Color Screen film" kit listing that reveals a mock up of what the Android-powered touchscreen e-reader could look like.

The image is certainly a mock up, unprofessionally done and not a photograph, but it's something for those of us who are curious about what the touchscreen device will resemble on Tuesday. Tons of questions remain (How's it going to be better than a nook app on the Galaxy Tab? - Matt Buchanan), but it's only two days. Be patient and go read a book. [CNET]