Push Will Actually Be Better Than Jumper

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Your next favorite angsty teen superpower movie, Push, features more weird powers than you might have realized. Sci Fi Wire got to see a batch of new scenes from the movie about superkids on the run, starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning, and they include new signs of just how freakrageous this movie will be. The good news? Push, which opens next February, on almost the same date as this year's superpower movie Jumper, may be a lot more fun. For one thing, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Sunshine) is a lot more entertaining to watch than Hayden Christensen, and Dakota Fanning does creepy clairvoyant well. So in case you missed our previous Push coverage, Evans and Fanning are superpowered kids on the run from the Division, the secret agency that created them. Evans plays Nick, a telekinetic "Mover," and Fanning plays Cassie, a clairvoyant "Watcher." They're looking for Kira, a "Pusher" who can put fake memories into your mind, in Hong Kong. Director Paul McGuigan showed some footage for reporters, and Division agents have more wacky superpowers including Sniffers, who can see the history of an object by smelling it. (Ha.) And Bleeders, who can cause massive internal bleeding and attack Nick. Also, our heroes team up with a fourth superkid, Hook, who's a "Shadow," with the ability to mask his ability from Sniffers and Watchers. Also, we see a flashback to a punk street kid version of Cassie (with pink hair) who wants to rescue her mom, who has been captured by the Division. And Cassie has foreseen that Nick is the key to saving her mom. We see Kira almost get captured by Division agents, but she plants a fake memory in one agent's mind that he had a brother, and the other agent killed him. Later, that agent is tricked into killing himself by his boss, another Pusher who makes the agent believe his gun isn't loaded and then convinces him to put it in his own mouth. Finally, McGuigan showed off some kinetic fight scenes, including Nick's gun battle with another telekinetic, Victor, who makes Nick's guns go off by themselves and projects telekinetic shields to protect himself. Then there's a huge climactic fight scene on a construction project, with Kira the Pusher shooting a big machine gun and Nick escaping from a car trunk and having a big showdown with Victor. It actually sounds pretty fun. [Sci Fi Wire]



If you are indeed implying that 'Jumper' was good, you are fired.

Totally fucking fired.