Quad-Core Intel Xeon Chips Coming Sooner Than Expected

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Hey, weren't these Intel quad-core processors due in the first quarter of 2007? Now Intel will not only roll out its quad-core Xeon processors in the fourth quarter of this year, it will follow that with a low-voltage version in 2007's first quarter.

These four Clovertown chips will constitute the Xeon 53xx family, arriving in speeds of 1.6GHz, 1.86GHz, 2.33GHz and 2.66GHz. They're all flying, too, running on a 1066MHz front-side bus, and contain a whopping 8MB of L2 cache.


Geez, isn't this processor parade speeding up tenfold? And, our only objection to those Clovertown chips was their power-hungriness, and now Intel solves that problem, too. Does this leave AMD completely in the dust? Discuss.

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