Intel's Next Trick: Quad Core Processors

On the heels of Intel's release of its Xeon 5100 dual-core processors, more information has surfaced about Intel's next-generation quad core processors due in the first quarter of 2007. The four-way processors, called "Clovertown" for servers and "Kentsfield" for desktops, are said to be power-hungry, sucking up 110 watts of power compared to the 80 watts of those Xeon 5100 processors announced earlier this week.


All the newer processors by Intel are based on what the company calls the "Core" architecture, as opposed to the Netburst architecture of chips that preceeded the Core Duo and Core Solo. While these upcoming four-way Core chips will still be delivering good efficiency compared to Netburst architecture when you compare performance-per-watt, speculation has it that low-power quad core chips won't be available until 2008.

Intel quad-core processors may see spike in power - sources [TG Daily]

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