Question of the Day: Which Hard Drives Have Crashed On You?

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Today when I wrote up a WD RAID drive, the comment boxes were flooded with WD gripes. The funny thing is, the reverse happened when we wrote about Seagate a while ago. And Buchanan won't shut up about Hitachi's infamous "Death Star" drives. Are all drives equally prone to fail, or are there some makers who get it right more often than others? Yes, we would like you to share your most heart-wrenching drive crash stories, if you've finally got up the courage to talk about it. But first:

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Update: By now, most of you have figured out that Iomega and LaCie only make the housings, so if the drive itself fails, you have to unscrew the box to see who the real culprit is. Also, anyone voting for IBM can just vote for Hitachi, which bought the whole IBM storage division a number of years ago.

I will say that, after reading the comments, I feel bad that I didn't divide Seagate and Maxtor, but then again, there is only one company to blame now—let's just hope they're not merging all of their manufacturing!!! My guess is that Maxtor may have ended up the biggest loser, at least proportionately, and Seagate, solo, would have looked a lot better than WD.

As for those of you who complain that this poll is not scientific, you are TOTALLY RIGHT!!! It's not scientific. Go back to your Science and your Nature for the raw research, cuz over here we're talking about life experiences.

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I've seen the full gamut of Brands take the plunge.

<— works in IT at a major University.

It seems to me to have more to do with the quality of power that the machine gets than the brand of HDD.

Flaky power in older buildings and poorly constructed newer buildings always ends up causing a higher hardware failure rate.

Which is why I always suggest people buy and maintain battery backups with some sort of voltage regulator built in.