This looks like to be the first real benefit from adding a Blu-ray drive to the PS3. Midway's unreleased game, Stranglehold, will come with an HD version of the movie Hard Boiled, making it the first Game/Blu-ray single disc.

Apple's got a new class-action lawsuit on their hands. This time MacBook and MacBook Pro users are claiming that Apple mislead them into thinking that the screens are physically capable of better clarity, when it was really just an effect known as dithering.


Microsoft spent a decent chunk of change today in order to stay competitive in the online ad game. $6 billion to be specific for digital marking firm, Aquantive. $6 BILLION, Take that GooTube.

In a recently conducted survey of 40 countries, over 26 were found to be blocking Internet content to "protect" their citizens. Even the US made the list, but we say it's ok because it's focused on copyright infringement.

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