Quick News: Facebook Goes 3rd Party and More

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Social networking site Facebook announced that it will begin to allow anyone to upload user-created applications to the site through the evolution of what they call Facebook Platform. You'll even be able to grab revenue off of your own ad space.


And speaking of user-generated content, a US court ruled that websites can be held responsible for illegal or discriminating content hosted on their site. We just might have opened a big old can of worms.

Best Buy has begun testing Geek Squad support centers inside of FedEx/Kinkos. This marks the first time Best Buy has shown interest in moving the company into other locations.

A new lawsuit was filed against Microsoft and Wal-Mart. They claimed that the fire that killed their baby in December 2004, was caused directly by an overheating Xbox 360. Oddly enough the fire took place a full 11 months before the 360 launched.


Wow; I love that court ruling. People are only legally responsible for user-generated content if they try and get it to comply with the law; if they don't touch it at all, then they're off the hook.

That's the most idiotic ruling I've ever seen; it only rewards user-generated content hosters to take a totally hands-off approach, rather than risking legal action themselves. What a way to prompt enforcement of the law.