R2-D2's In Ur Serverz, Monitoring Ur Packetz

These gigantic Japanese nerds just rigged up an R2-D2 DVD Projector into a server monitoring system that alerts them whenever a system is down. R2's got Nagios, a monitoring app, an IR controller, and the ability to project what's wrong for the people to see. The video illustrates how it works in a dramatically geeky manner. These should be standard issue in every server farm around the world. [Syun - Thanks Motohiro!]




@Chameleon8474: [example.com] would probably be even more reliable.

Another thing you can do is trace-route (tracert.exe / traceroute on *nix) to somewhere and find out the IP address of the router past 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x or what-have-you, and pinging that.