Radiation Found in Seawater Around Fukushima Could Affect Fishing Industry

Like the radiation discovered in spinach and milk, the contaminated water around Fukushima Prefecture has been deemed safe, despite them being above "normal" levels.

Officials have said it won't cause a risk to humans, but there are worries it might have a knock-on effect with the fishing industry. This comes two days after those still residing in the Fukushima Prefecture were told not to drink the tap water.


While the levels found in tap water 19 miles away from the nuclear plant were three times above the normal amount, a seawater sample taken yesterday was 126.7 times higher than the legal limit. Since then it's fluctuated between 16.4 times higher and 80.3 times higher in various spots along the coastline—though none as high as what was found in the town of Namie, 12 miles from the Fukushima plant. Levels 1,600 times higher than what's considered normal were discovered yesterday. [Kyodo]

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"there are worries"

Is there anything in this world that someone, somewhere, isn't worried about?