Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood to Audiophiles: Simmer Down

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Radiohead caught some flak when they released their last album online as 160kbps MP3s a couple months before a CD would be available. Turns out, they could care less about FLACs.


We had a few complaints that the MP3s of our last record wasn't encoded at a high enough rate. Some even suggested we should have used FLACs, but if you even know what one of those is, and have strong opinions on them, you're already lost to the world of high fidelity and have probably spent far too much money on your speaker-stands.


It'll be interesting to see if this philosophy holds up as the band moves into more digital-only releases, as they've done with a couple of single tracks in the last couple months. It's all fine and good to not care about MP3 quality when audiophiles can just buy the CD instead, but what about when it's the only option? It's not just super nerds who would prefer at least a -v0 bitrate instead of 160CBR.

The whole interview is worth reading (it's a short one), as Greenwood discusses his personal listening habits and how the band listened to a bunch of 90's hip-hop via AirTunes while they recorded In Rainbows. [New Yorker via Kottke]

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Man, that's downright disheartening. I mean, I understand hating on people who frivilously throw away cash on audio bricks and other nonsense that does nothing, but c'mon.... Radiohead saying that 160mp3 is enough is like Scorcese saying, I don't need a Red One, shooting DV is good enough... w-w-w-whaaaat? Are you KIDDING me? It's disillusioning that such famous musicans could be so tone-deaf to the importance of fidelity in reproducing their music at home. I mean, if that's the case, why do you even bother recording in a studio? Just go to guitar center, buy the shittiest cables they sell and do it in your own basement on cassette recorder. That's disregard for fidelity, and the path that "160 is good enough" is walking down. C'mon man. What the hell?!