Similar to offers we've seen from companies like Costco, the RadioShack Online Trade-In Program will swap your old gadgets for gift cards. You search their database for your gadget and offer the best quality assessment that you can, and they provide a mail-in sticker that you print. If all goes well, they'll send you a gift card 10-14 days after the unit is received. But remember, that's only if all goes well. So assuming worst case scenario, what are your totally broken gadgets worth?3G iPod (10GB) $3.23 1st Gen Zune $5.81 Palm Treo 650 $3.69 Xbox 360 Premium $9.65 DS Lite $4.25 Wii $15.85 PlayStation 3 (60GB) $23.48 Needless to say, if you've trashed all of your electronics, you may be able to unload them and score a few bucks in the process. [RadioShack]